Why use a tutor?

I am currently offering tuition – online only – over Zoom.

There are a range of reasons for deciding to use a private tutor.

As parents, we want to help our children when they are struggling to reach their potential. However, we don’t always have the necessary time, or knowledge, to do this directly ourselves.

In addition, there are many differences between how children are learning maths today, compared with their parents. Some basic techniques for operations such as long multiplication have changed – tools such as calculators have changed, and the National Curriculum can be daunting to understand in detail. Expectations of children are different than they were a generation ago.

A tutor can provide perspective, and use experience gained from teaching a wide range of students, with different learning styles, following different curricula, and at different levels of ability.

In addition, a good tutor will build a relationship with each student, so that when he or she does not understand what was being taught at school, the student feels comfortable asking questions and working through the topic again without the (perceived) embarrassment of standing out in the class. Without this support, children can very quickly lose confidence and fall behind. Tuition makes it possible to catch these potential problems early.

Evidence shows that 1-2-1 attention on a regular basis can improve confidence and concentration, and lead to better results.

An experienced and qualified maths tutor can help your child to achieve their full potential in the subject, as well as to improve their approach to learning across all subjects.

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