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News: Gender gap in UK schools means girls’ lack of confidence in maths and science puts them off applying for engineering jobs

Prime Numbers Illustrated

This animation works through numbers, showing by pattern arrangements, how non-prime numbers can be factorised, but prime numbers cannot.

Animated Factorization Diagrams – Data Pointed.

Evidence on Teaching – Ben Goldacre

The author of Bad Science, a book which debunks lots of pseudoscience, presents a paper supporting the idea of Education Policy being driven by  methods that have been scientifically demonstrated to work well, rather than the hit-and-miss political approach we currently ‘enjoy’:

Article: Teachers! What would evidence based practice look like?

The idea of using evidence-based policy is presented rather convincingly in The Geek Manifesto.


News Article: Putting parents into the equation: maths homework ideas for teens

“In secondary school, however, parental engagement can often drop away altogether. Sometimes it’s because teenagers simply don’t want to engage with their parents on anything. Just as often, though, it’s because parents don’t feel empowered to help. They don’t recognise the maths their teenager is doing (or if they do, they can’t remember how to do it) and in many cases they share their teenagers’ doubts as to whether any of this stuff is relevant in any case.”

Putting parents into the equation: maths homework ideas for teens | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional.