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News Article: Best-paying jobs in the UK 2012

Yet again, it is important to note the emphasis on mathematical, and scientific skills for the top ten best paid jobs in the UK.

If you want to give yourself, or your children, the best chance for financial success, sound maths skills are essential.

Best-paying jobs in the UK 2012 | Money | guardian.co.uk.


HBR Blog Post: Why are Maths Jobs So Much Fun?

A blog post from the Harvard Business Review reflects on just why maths jobs are so much fun……





The best jobs rely on strong maths skills

The top 5 best jobs as outlined in this Wall Street Journal article, are all maths related.

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News Article: Highest Paid Jobs in the UK 2011 (Hint: Most require strong maths skills)

Looking through this list, it becomes apparent very quickly that the highest paid members of society have to be numerate.

See the original article in the Guardian here.

1. Head of a major organisation

There is a great deal of statistical analysis required here for producing and understanding reports. Basic numeracy skills are needed to consider budgets, priorities, staff costs, rates, etc. A degree in Economics would be a common stepping stone to this job, which contains a great deal of maths work.

2. Medical Practictioner

Very strong maths qualifications are required to gain a place on the courses that lead to these jobs e.g. a degree in Medicine. There is also a great deal of mathematical work on these courses.

3. Senior National Government Official

Similar to the head of an organisation, there is a great deal of business management knowledge required here – Economics degrees are common.

4. Airline Pilot

To gain entry into pilot Training Programmes, candidates need to pass an exam which demonstrates strong maths skills.

5. Dental Practitioner

Similar to a degree in Medicine, a degree in Dentistry requires strong  maths skills.

At the other end of the scale, the worst paid jobs were also detailed:

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News Article : Numeracy linked to economic success

A recent study connects numeracy skills to economic success. This won’t surprise many people, but it is important to spread this message, if only to counter the “cool” vibe that sometimes exists around being weak at maths.

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