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Podcast: A brief history of mathematics (Marcus Du Sautoy)

DVD: The Story of Maths (Marcus Du Sautoy

BBC’s The Story of Maths – Marcus Du Sautoy

Marcus Du Sautoy presents a four-part series for the BBC which manages to present the story of maths in a very entertaining way.

This video is worth watching as a family – it is a great way to set the context of maths and it’s significance in the advancement of the human race, and perhaps inspire the next generation to see the importance of maths skills.

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News Article: Schools Maths Should Be More Practical, say Teenagers

A new City & Guilds report shows that while teenagers recognise that maths can be useful in real life, they feel that the maths taught at school can be irrelevant to their needs

See link to original article from the BBC News website here

News Article: A-level sciences ‘lacking maths’

There is a growing concern in the science community that there is an insufficient standard of maths being studied within science A-levels.

The ability to use maths within science is a critical skill for taking sciences through to university level.

See link to original article on the BBC News website here