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News Article: Plans to Reinstate Two Year A Levels


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News Article: January A Levels to end, in an effort to end re-sit culture

While I struggle to come to terms with Michael Gove as our Education Minister, I applaud this move wholeheartedly.

I believe that the personal development that students need to undergo between taking GCSE exams to taking A level exams, requires time. It is a nonsense to expect children to gain that maturity of thought by January of Year 12. I am pleased to see a reduction in the number of exams – perhaps the ones that are left can return to having value.


News Article: What A level Subjects Should You Pick? (Hint: Think Maths!)

The Russell Group of universities has set out guidance about academic subject choices in it’s guide “Informed Choices“.

Not surprisingly, the prevailing wisdom is that maths carries a certain kudos.

A recent article in The Guardian considers this:

“A grade C in maths is pretty much essential at GCSE if you want to go to university, but the subject is also generally liked by admissions tutors at A-level. So it is well worth thinking about if you’re capable of getting a good grade.

“Certainly anyone who has ability in maths should consider it,” says Davies. “I see no problem with a combination such as English, history, maths.”

But be warned: there are many degrees where maths is essential, and if you don’t do some careful research, you might not realise it.

“Say you want to study computer science, so you take a computing at A-level. That’s fine, but you also must do maths at A-level to be considered,” Davies explains.”

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