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European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad.


Website: Maths Net A Level


  1. Great selection of A level questions
  2. Good categorisation by exam paper and topic
  3. Students can follow step by step solutions
  4. Students can try the same question several times, with different numbers, to consolidate understanding


  1. Sometimes the solutions are a bit contrived – automation means that either the question doesn’t quite make sense with the numbers used, or the solutions are not the most elegant
  2. The tool is only available if the student attends a school/college willing to pay the subscription fee
  3. There is no individual record of progress, or of questions answered correctly, for students to keep track of what they have or have not covered
  4. The website design is not easy on the eye – navigation is clunky and the student is often thrown back to the beginning, having to reselect exam paper, topic, category etc all over again.

Website: My Maths

My Maths

MyMaths is a great tool, both for teachers and students. Most parents will be familiar with the website because many children are assigned homework on it, regularly.


  1. A great way for children to learn topics they haven’t understood, in their own time.
  2. Easy to keep track of scores for each topic so that students can revisit topics that they have struggled with.
  3. Easy for parents to get an overview of what homeworks their children have done and to what standard.
  4. Immediate online marking means children do not have to wait for the teacher to tell them how well they did.
  5. Unlimited re-tries of a homework, with re-marking, means that children can be self-motivated to improve on their scores.


  1. Students need to remember their school login / password AND their own login / password.
  2. Homeworks can be awkward, particularly anything to do with measuring lengths, angles etc.
  3. Sometimes the methods used do not match up with the method taught at school
  4. It is not clear which topics are in scope for a particular Examination board, so students may lose confidence when they see topics that they cannot do, but are not relevant to them.