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University vs Apprenticeships

I have mentioned a few times in the past that the best degrees and the most lucrative jobs tend to be suited for people with strong maths skills.

In the age of increasing University tuition fees, more and more people are looking towards apprenticeships as a more affordable route into a professional career. So it is interesting, though unsurprising, to note that we see the same trend towards maths and maths-centric specialisms for the most appealing apprenticeships.

Read the Guardian article here for more information:


BBC News: The degrees that make you rich…

It’s always good to take a look at how to get where you want to be…

Good luck to everyone taking maths exams in the next few weeks!

The advice contained here still stands. Good luck if you have maths exams currently.

Maths Tutor HG

Good Luck over the coming weeks!

Here are a few exam pointers that will help you to make the most of each exam:

Before the exam:

  • Get a good night’s sleep before the exam
  • Have a nourishing breakfast in the morning (and lunch, if your exam is in the afternoon)
  • Make sure you have the right tools for your exam. Do you need your calculator? Tracing paper? Compasses?
  • Arrive in plenty of time so that you can enter the exam hall feeling calm and composed.

During the exam:

  • Read ALL the instructions on the front page.
  • Work through the questions methodically, allowing time to check over your answers before the exam finishes.
    • Read each question carefully
    • Show ALL your working, step by step
    • Draw graphs and diagrams IN PENCIL
    • Write your answer in the space provided, using the correct:
      • format (were you asked to give the equation of a line…

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How To Learn Maths

There is a fantastic, free online course (MOOC) developed by Jo Boaler (see which discusses Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset, and explains why anyone can be good at maths.

The course is available here:

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who hasn’t yet realised that they can do maths as well as they want to, if they put in the work.

What are the UK’s highest paid jobs of 2015? | Money | The Guardian

The ONS has released its Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2015. Here are the 10 best paid jobs in the country, with tips on how to get one of them

Source: What are the UK’s highest paid jobs of 2015? | Money | The Guardian

The university degrees most likely to make you rich – The Independent

It was not surprising – certainly not to me – to see that eight of the top ten high earning careers involve a strong competence in maths.

The university degrees most likely to make you rich.

The Top Ten:

1. Economics – £45,000

2. Law – £42,000

3. Maths/Statistics – £39,000

4. Chemistry/Natural Sciences – £38,000

5. Accounting/Business/Finance – £37,000

6. Engineering – £37,000

7. Computer Sciences – £37,000

8. Physics/Life Sciences/Healthcare – £36,000

9. Management/Strategy – £36,000

10. History/Geography/Politics – £34,000