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Numberphile – Infinity (YouTube)


Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots – YouTube

Vi Hart is pure genius wrapped up in fun!

Finding Moonshine: To Infinity and beyond

DVD: Music of the Primes (Marcus Du Sautoy)

DVD: The Code (Marcus Du Sautoy)

Podcast: A brief history of mathematics (Marcus Du Sautoy)

DVD: The Story of Maths (Marcus Du Sautoy

BBC’s The Story of Maths – Marcus Du Sautoy

Marcus Du Sautoy presents a four-part series for the BBC which manages to present the story of maths in a very entertaining way.

This video is worth watching as a family – it is a great way to set the context of maths and it’s significance in the advancement of the human race, and perhaps inspire the next generation to see the importance of maths skills.

Find out more on the BBC Website here