News Article: Don’t Rush Maths, Report Says

It really saddens me when I hear again and again of students being coerced into spending Years 10 and 11 at high school focusing on taking and retaking Maths GCSE in the hopes of getting a grade C and then being ignored by the maths teacher for the rest of their time at school.

While I understand the need to ensure that the quality of education in schools is adequate, bland statistic-gathering does not ensure this. All we have achieved by monitoring the number of A*-C’s at each school, is an urge for teachers to get every child into that target group.

No matter if a student with A* potential achieves only a grade B – the teachers will be more chastised for the E-grade student who was only pulled up to a D.

There are no easy answers, so I won’t pretend to have them. But I do see many children wasting their potential and ruling out future careers, because their teachers have become desensitised through over-bureaucratic teaching assessment methods.

It really is the case that parenting is the true differentiator. If a child’s teachers cannot see his/her potential, then the only hope is for the parents to see it and nuture it.

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