News Article: BBC News – Tougher maths in primary school curriculum review

Link to draft Programme of Study for Primary Maths

There appears to be a growing consensus that the standard of maths education in the UK needs to be improved. We have a great awareness within our nation, of how schools compare to each other, due to League Tables. However, there is very little awareness of how we compare nationally, with other developed countries.

As the internet age progresses, and it becomes easier for companies to spread their workloads internationally, we must ensure that our children are able to compete for jobs.  Not only has the technology era caused this ability to share work across countries, but it has also increased demand for mathematical skills. This means that our education system has a three-pronged problem:

  1. Our maths skills as a nation are getting worse compared with other developed nations
  2. The internet age is enabling companies to employ the best and brightest from other countries when the skills are not available in the UK
  3. There is an increased demand for mathematical skills

See original article from the BBC News here

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