News Article: Are Parents Being Left Out of the Maths Equation?

Primary schools in England need to do more to help pupils struggling with maths, says Ofsted. But have new teaching methods left parents out in the cold and unable to help?

A handful of new methods, with new terminology, can put parents off helping their children with maths homework. But this doesn’t need to remain the case.

My advice to parents who want to get more involved in their child’s maths education is to make enquiries at your child’s school to see how they can support you.

If you are not confident at maths yourself, now may be the time to build your understanding; it is never too late! 

As a maths tutor, I would always encourage  parents who want me to explain how to support their children in their homework. It only takes a couple of minutes to explain how the grid method works, for example. Or better yet, ask your child to explain the method to you.

Follow this link for the BBC News article

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