News Article: Two hours’ homework a night linked to better school results

A recent study links success at school with the amount of effort children put into homework, as well as how much they enjoy school.

This doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes I think there are unrealistic expectations of what a child can achieve solely in the classroom environment.  As adults, we know that (within reason) the more effort we put into something, the better we get at it – this is easy to see in sports such as football, when learning a musical instrument, or learning any new skill.

At school, students are learning several different subjects each day, and in each of these subjects, there is a significant amount of information being added onto what has been learned in previous weeks, months and years.

This much information is hard to digest, and it is too easy for understanding to fade before it has had a chance to really sink in.

Stepping away from the classroom environment and putting in some time each evening to have another look at what was learned at school gives each child another chance to absorb the new information.

Trying to apply the new knowledge through homework assignments is the best way to gain reassurance that there were no misunderstandings, or gaps in understanding, before attempting to build on it in the lessons that follow.

See the original article in The Guardian.

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