Welcome to Maths Tutor Hazel Grove!

Welcome to my maths tuition blog.

As a tutor I get to bond with my students in a way that is not possible for a teacher of classes with 30 children in. I can tell you that my kids are all, without exception, interesting, vulnerable, funny, thoughtful, individuals trying to carve out their places In a complex, fast-evolving world.

Our over-assessing education system has worn them down from a very early age, tagging them with attainment levels, SATs scores, minimum target grades, and a requirement to achieve a C in GCSE maths come what may.

Children are burdened by their target grades and SATs scores. Their sense of identity is unnecessarily tied to these statistical markers – which were only ever intended to measure the schools, not them! This has killed in them the sense that education is about a shared journey, an exploration, discovery and most of all fun.

At the other extreme are the children with above average ability – who achieve far higher than the children around them. In their turn, these children are largely left to their own devices. Schools are too busy converting E’s and D’s to C’s, to notice the B’s and A’s who should be pulled up to A’s and A*’s. These children are in danger of becoming bored and restless.

In our hour together each week, I try to create a safe, welcoming place where the learning process itself is valued. Each child I teach is unique, with unique needs, abilities and personal circumstances. I hope that my natural enthusiasm for maths, and it’s significance, rubs off on them, as well as my determination to improve their maths skills for life and for their exams.

I look forward to using this as a place to share my thoughts about teaching methods, the significance of maths, and anything that is remotely connected to either of these.

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